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  • How are your decals produced?
    Our decals are cut from rolls of commercial-grade, outdoor-rated intermediate calendared vinyl film using professional large-format roll plotters. Once cutting is complete, we weed the negative-space areas within the design, apply a commercial-grade transfer tape, and hand-cut the shape of the decal from the finished roll.
  • What is the difference between your PrezisionCut® and TrimFit® decals?
    Our PrezisionCut® decals are vehicle-specific and are designed to precisely fit a specific window with zero vinyl trimming. Our TrimFit® decals are universal and can be produced for any vehicle. TrimFit® decals require trimming excess material to create a custom-fit appearance.
  • Do you offer decals for other vehicles?
    We are continually adding vehicles to our PrezisionCut® line of decals. If you do not see your vehicle listed in our PrezisionCut® lineup, we can produce TrimFit® decals for your vehicle. For more information, please visit
  • What's the difference between the clear and paper transfer tape options?
    Our clear transfer tape is our preferred tape because it typically performs better during shipping and storage and provides for an easy and clean installation. It's a great option for the dry/hinge installation method or if the decal will be stored for longer than 2 weeks after delivery. The wet install method may be used, but typically requires much longer dry-times as compared to a paper transfer tape. Our paper transfer tape is recommended for customers who have experience installing large vinyl decals and have worked with a paper transfer tape in the past. It is a great option for the wet installation method. Paper application tape is more prone to de-lamination during shipping and long-term storage. We recommend completing the installation within 2 weeks after delivery.
  • Do you offer custom designs?
    Yes! We love creating custom designs. Please send us an email to with your name and a description of your custom design idea. Include any files or images that may assist our designers in creating a mockup for you.
  • Are the decals removable?
    Yes, our vinyl films are removable, though the removal process can be time-intensive and will require patience. Please review our Decal Removal Guide for detailed instructions. We recommend purchasing our StickerOFF! decal removal fluid to help in the removal process.
  • What does your StickerON! Application Fluid do?
    Our StickerON! Application Fluid is manufactured by Hardline Products and is specially-formulated for use with vinyl film adhesives. When used with the wet installation method, it creates a temporary barrier between the installation surface and vinyl film which allows the decal to be repositioned or reapplied. We highly recommend purchasing our StickerON! Application Fluid is you plan to use the wet installation method.
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