Our PrezisionCut® decals are CAD measured and cut to precisely fit around the window with a 1/8” offset from the outer edge, which means zero vinyl trimming, reduced edge-peel, and an overall easier installation. All of our decals are shipped with extra release liner and transfer tape to protect the decal during shipping and to aid in the wet installation method – this material may be trimmed if you feel that it would be easier for you to install the decal. An installation squeegee is also included with every order.


This listing is for 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab (2nd generation) rear door windows. Decals can be purchased as a set or individually for either side of the vehicle. Please Note: Vinyl trimming may be required depending on the condition of the rubber seal around the window. Damage may occur to the decal with use of the window and/or if dirt/debris is caught between the rubber seal and the decal. Surface scuffing of the vinyl may occur over time from the up and down motion of the window. These decals are best suited for individuals who do not typically use the rear windows. 


Our decals are cut from the industry standard Oracal 651 intermediate calendered outdoor vinyl – with a life expectancy of up to six years under normal use – and unlike most of our competitors, we use ABI Tape's TransferRite clear transfer tape which helps reduce wrinkles/de-adhesion during shipping and allows you to see the decal more clearly for a precise installation. 


We cut these decals in our standard Matte Black color, however we have 60+ color options available. If you would like a different color, please contact us. Additional lead times and fees may apply to certain colors. 


Although we recommend having a professional install our decals, we have installation instruction video's available if you'd like to install them yourself. We highly recommend that you watch our video's prior to purchasing our decals to ensure that you understand how these decals are installed. For more information and links to our video's, please visit our support page.


We proudly offer Installation Insurance on our PrezisionCut® and TrimFit® decals. If you make a mistake or damage the decals during installation, we will offer a one-time replacement for each decal in your order at a reduced cost. Replacement decals will be of the same design and color as the original decal purchased. We will accept returns or exchanges for unused products in the original packaging. We do not accept returns for custom order decals.


If you would like a custom design or would like one of our designs for a different vehicle, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. Additional fees and lead times may apply for custom designs depending on the complexity, size, and color.


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Reversed American Flag PrezisionCut® Toyota Tacoma Vinyl Window Decal

  • Please thoroughly and carefully read our support documentation. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to your decal. We highly recommend having a professional install your decal.

    If you’d like to perform the installation yourself, we have a great support section with written and video instructions. For more information and instructions, please visit www.acorngfx.com/support.