Our PrezisionCut® decals are CAD measured and cut to precisely fit around the window with a 1/8” offset from the outer edge, which means zero trimming, reduced edge-peel, and an overall easier installation. We provide extra release liner and transfer tape around the outside edge of the decal to assist with the wet installation method – this material can be trimmed if you feel it will make installation easier.


This listing is for 1996-2022 Toyota 4Runner's (3rd, 4th and 5th generations). Decals can be purchased as a set or individually for either side of the vehicle. Please Note: Trimming may be required for 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runners (3rd generations) depending on the condition of the rubber seal around the window – 4th and 5th gens do not have a rubber seal.


Our decals are cut from the industry standard Oracal 651 intermediate calendered outdoor vinyl – with a life expectancy of up to six years under normal use – and unlike most of our competitors, we use ABI Tape's TransferRite 1310 clear transfer tape which helps reduce wrinkles/de-adhesion during shipping and allows you to see the decal more clearly for a precise installation. 


We cut these decals in our standard Matte Black color, however we have 60+ color options available. If you would like a different color, please contact us. Additional lead times and fees may apply to certain colors. 


If you would like a custom design or would like one of our designs for a different vehicle, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. Additional fees and lead times may apply for custom designs depending on the complexity, size, and color.


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Nicaragua Flag PrezisionCut® Toyota 4Runner Vinyl Window Decal

  • We understand that installing vinyl decals can be difficult and mistakes happen, which is why we are proud to offer our customers 30-Day Installation Insurance with each decal purchased. If you make a mistake or damage the decal during installation, we will offer a one-time replacement for each decal in your order at a reduced cost. Please review our full 30-Day Installation Insurance Policy for more information.