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Coroplast Signs

Our TrimFit® decals are designed to be installed on an exterior window of any vehicle year, make, or model and then trimmed to create a clean, custom-fit look. They are produced as rectangular decals, regardless of the shape of the window, and are slightly larger than the overall width and height. After installation, vinyl trimming will be required to create a clean, custom-fit look. All of our decals are shipped with extra release liner and transfer tape to protect the decal during transit and aid in the wet installation method. This material may be trimmed before installation.

Design Considerations

Keep in mind that the design you choose will be produced as a rectangular decal, and portions of the design will be trimmed depending on the shape of your window (see Example C below). Some designs may not work well with specific window shapes — we will review your request and let you know if we foresee any issues.


Pricing is based on the size of the decal, design, color, and quantity. Additional fees may apply for custom designs and multi-colored designs. Please use our TrimFit® Cost Estimator to determine the approximate cost of your decal.

Required Steps

Please review our TrimFit® Guide prior to submitting your request. Use a tape measure, fabric tape, or yardstick to measure the overall width and height of your window — be sure to keep the tape measure as parallel or perpendicular to the vehicle as possible (see Example A below). Do not measure at an angle (see Example B below). Standing perpendicular to the window, take a photo showing the entire window area. Submit your request here. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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