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CAD measured for zero trimming, reduced edge peel, and simple installation.
Installation Support

Although installing vinyl decals can be difficult, we strive to provide our customers with simple installation instructions. There are a few different methods for installing vinyl decals – the wet method, dry/hinge method, and the straight method. The type of installation method you should consider will depend on the type and size of decal purchased, where the installation will occur, type of substrate, substrate temperature, ambient air temperature, humidity level, environmental conditions, and skill level.

If you have questions or need assistance before, during, or after installation please don't hesitate to contact us either by phone, email, or through Etsy

Wet Installation Method

We recommend using the wet method for large decals, decals that must be placed in a precise location, or for any of our customers who do not feel comfortable with the other methods. The wet method takes the longest, however it allows you to reposition the decal during installation for a short period of time, giving you flexibility to precisely align the decal. The wet method is not recommended for installations that are performed in cold weather (below 60°F).

Please watch our wet method installation video here:

Dry/Hinge Installation Method

The dry/hinge method is the quickest way to install large decals, however unlike the wet method, it does not allow you to reposition the decal once it's applied. There is also a greater chance of micro-bubbles forming underneath the vinyl if performed too quickly or incorrectly. 

Please watch our dry/hinge method installation video here:

Straight Installation Method

The straight method is perfect for small decals that can be positioned and applied free-hand. We do not recommend using this method if you can not hold the decal with both hands and apply it in the desired location. 

Our straight method installation method video will be available soon.

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