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Payments are handled through our eCommerce provider ("Etsy", By purchasing our products through Etsy's online platform, you agree to Etsy's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Acorn Graphics does not receive any billing information (i.e. billing address, credit/debit card numbers, etc.) about our customers through Etsy. Please do not send us any personal information directly as we take your privacy very seriously. 

Maintenance Guide

Although vinyl is a resilient material, it can fail due to a variety of reasons. However, most failures are small and can be easily repaired at home. Most of our decals are intricate and contain small, sharp edges of vinyl. These areas of the design are considered the weak-spots and are the areas most likely to fail. Failure of the vinyl can be caused by, but not limited to, environmental conditions such as acid rain, the use of high-pressure power washers, prolonged and intense UV rays, tree limbs or other objects that can scuff, scrape or damage the decal. 


If you notice a piece of your decal is starting to peel away from the window, use an exacto-knife to trim it off. Be extremely careful not to scratch your window with the knife. For large areas that have failed, we encourage you to use your imagination and trim the vinyl in a way that compliments the design (we are more than happy to help with this via email). 

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