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We create custom vinyl decals.

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Toyota RAV4 PrezisionCut® Decals

Our PrezisionCut decals are CAD measured and cut to precisely fit around the window with a 1/8" offset from the outer edge, which means zero trimming, reduced edge-peel, and an overall easier installation. Cut from Oracal 651 Intermediate Calendered outdoor vinyl – with a life expectancy of up to six years under normal use – and completed with ABI Tape's TransferRite 1310 clear transfer tape. Available in most of our standard designs for 3rd, 4th and 5th generation RAV4's – model years 2006 through 2021.

Single Side – $23     |     Full Set – $46


Professional Application Squeegee     |     $3

Our preferred application squeegee made from semi-flexible plastic with a hard and felted side, and rounded corners. 

Professional Application Tape     |     $3 – $12

Our preferred application tape that's UV and water resistance, easy to tear, and sticks to most surfaces.